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Desert Safari in Dubai – Have fun and Adventure in Desert

Dubai is an ideal tourist hub for the business as well as leisure seekers which give them an exciting pleasure. Desert Safari in Dubai is really the most enthralling activity which fills you with lots of thrill and excitement. The safari allows visitors to enjoy the golden sand of the dunes with live dance performances and BBQ dinner. The tour includes off-road adventure, camel riding and aerial activities for the adventurous time in the desert. Dubai tour is considered incomplete without visiting Desert safari which offers different activities that are suitable for all the visitors. Click the photographs in the spectacular scenery offers once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the activities with the savour of authentic cuisines for a never ending experience.

Desert Safari in Dubai

  1. Enjoy Sandboarding:

Enjoy Sandboarding

Sandboarding is the amazing activity of the desert which takes you on a pleasant experience with fun and entertainment. A small board is connected at the feet of the performer to slide down the golden sand of the desert. The activity allows the excited thrill seekers to ride freely as the activity is performed under the guidance of the team of professionals. Enjoy sand boarding in the golden sand of the desert which can increase your excitement and ensures the memorable time with your family or friends.

Things to Know about Desert Safari Dubai

  1. Dune Bashing:

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing is another activity of the desert which can be enjoyed in an air conditioned vehicle. The activity takes you to the deserted landscapes where you ride up and down by maintaining a balance in the sandy dunes. The activity is really an enthralling and memorable experience to slide down the dunes carefully. Visitors are recommended to take a light meal before the hard dune bashing as the heavy food can cause vomit or stomach-ache.

Top 10 activities in Desert Safari Dubai

  1. Desert Safari and BBQ dinner:

Desert Safari and BBQ dinner

Dubai Desert Safari is the pleasant time to ride in an air-conditioned vehicle in the golden sand of the desert. Enjoy the beauty of the golden sands while sliding up and down where the vehicles are driven by the experienced drivers having a valid license. After the safari, a mouth-watering BBQ dinner is available for you to take you on a pleasant time with your loved ones. Savour the delicious Arabic cuisines which are served in an authentic style for the visitors.

  1. Camel riding:

Camel riding

Camel riding is one of the convenient ways to travel the deserted areas that give an exciting experience. Camels are known as the desert’s ship that takes you to enjoy the photographic opportunity in the golden sand. The most liked tourist place gives an opportunity to the visitors to capture the sweet memories in the spectacular scenery. You can also enjoy the views of the setting the sun in the sandy dunes of the desert.

Tips for Desert Safari in Dubai

  1. Belly dance and Tanoura dance:

Belly dance and Tanoura dance

At night, live dance performances are organized for the visitors where a dancer performs on the Arabic music. The traditional dance performances are organized for the visitors with the savour of alcohol, BBQ dinner and flavored Shisha piping. The dance gives a spectacular experience to refresh the mood of the visitors.

Explore Dubai as  a Dream Destination

  1. Falconry Adventure:

Falconry Adventure

Falcons are called the national bird of UAE where huge sand dunes take you to the place where falcon show is organized. A chance to click photographs in the traditional Arabic costumes with a falcon in your arms which make your day special and memorable. You can learn the ancient and modern techniques to train the falcons with an opportunity to learn about the falcons in the region. Learn the procedure to scientifically demonstrate the falcon’s hunting procedure.

Falcon Adventure Tour

  1. Amazing sunset views:

Amazing sunset views

After the full day enjoyment at the desert safari, observe the beauty of the amazing sunset views in the golden sand. The beauty of the changing hues of the sun from orange to black make your time pleasant and enjoyable. The spectacular scenery of the sunset in the Arabian Desert is really very amazing which takes you to click photographs for an unforgettable experience.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

  1. Buggy adventure:

Buggy adventure

Dibba buggy is the adventurous activity to enjoy the golden sand of the desert where you can pass through the areas of Dibba village, rocky shores and the landscapes. A safe ride that can be enjoyed in the evening or during the overnight safari where you can explore the sandy dunes, valleys and summits. Safety helmet, seat belts, bucket seat, fire extinguisher and night lights are provided to the visitors during the safari.

  1. Hot air balloon flight:

Hot air balloon flight

Hot air balloon flight is the amazing activity to see the desert areas by flying high in the sky. The activity is performed very early in the morning in the desert where a basket is attached to a balloon. During this time the climate in the desert is so cool which is perfect for the ballooning. The balloon flies high up in the air by taking two persons in the basket to observe the rising views of the sun.

  1. Hatta Mountain Safari:

Hatta Mountain Safari

Mountain Safari is the unique activity to enjoy the safari ride that features the picturesque views of the rocks, valleys and natural spring. You will pass through the Hatta village where the monuments, buildings and houses are designed beautifully. Major highlights of the safaris are the Hatta Pools and springs which cast an everlasting impression on the mind of the visitor.

Hatta Mountain safari

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