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Evening Desert Safari Dubai – Feel the Adventure

Evening Desert Safari Dubai is the perfect way to enjoy the ride in the sandy shores of the desert. The most amazing activities in the desert include quad biking, sand boarding, camel ride, dune bashing and skydiving. These thrilling activities take visitors to indulge in the world of adventure to make the trip memorable. Apart from these, evening desert safari takes the visitor to explore the secrets such as live dance performances, henna tattooing, flavored shisha piping and delicious BBQ dinner. The safari is a really an ideal way to enjoy the photography in the traditional Arabic costumes with a falcon on your arms. A 4×4 Land Cruiser takes you to the golden sand of the desert, fitted with roll cage and safety kits but it is mandatory to wear a seatbelt as you have to slide up and down in the red dunes. Dune bashing is the amazing adventurous activity which should be avoided by the infants, pregnant women, patients with heart or back pain. The activities in the desert fill you with lots of wonders and leave an alluring impression over the mind of the visitors. The safari ride starts approximately 3:00 PM and continues till 9:00 PM which can be enjoyed by the beginners as well as experienced. It gives a safe experience to the riders as the activities are organized under the guidance of the professional. The ride takes visitors to enjoy with family or friends under the sparkling stars and moonlight.

evenning desert safari dubai

Desert Safari Dubai


  • Belly Dance: Belly dance in Dubai is very popular dance which gives a pleasant experience to the visitors to enjoy the golden sand of the desert. A western style dance which is performed by the female dancers for the enjoyment of the visitors.
  • Tanoura Dance: Tanoura dance is another popular cultural dance which is performed by men wearing colorful skirts. The dance is performed at the night time with the savour of flavored shisha piping and delicious BBQ dinner.
  • Sunset view: Enjoy the amazing sunset views in the golden sand of the desert with changing hues which is the most liked by the travelers.
  • Quad biking:  Quad biking is the popular motorbike activity of sliding up and down in the golden sand areas. Explore the areas of the desert which make the trip memorable and give a palatial experience to the visitors.
  • Dune Bashing: Dune Bashing is a popular activity which gives a pleasant experience of driving in the sands of the desert. The activity is really thrilling which must be avoided by the persons having back pain.
  • Camel Riding:  Camel riding is the amazing activity for enjoying in the desert which takes visitors to observe the mesmerizing sunset views and photographic opportunities.
  • Photography: Evening desert safari gives visitors a chance to enjoy photography in the spectacular scenery with the enjoyment of many exciting activities.

Safety measures:

  • A safe tour with experienced and licensed drivers.
  • The vehicle for the desert safari is fully equipped with safeguards and first aid kits.
  • It is mandatory to wear seat belts.
  • It is good to apply for travel insurance.
  • All the activities are performed under the guidance of the professionals.

Things to Remember:

  • Take a camera to capture the memories in the spectacular scenery.
  • Wear comfortable, light clothes and shoes.
  • A cardigan can be carried for the evening safari.
  • No need to carry mobile phones because of poor network coverage in the desert.
  • Evening Desert Safari can be done at any time throughout the year.

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