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Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Desert Safaris

Desert Safari is the major and amazing activity that highlights the tourism in Dubai. The desert is the important and integral part of the Dubai’s culture and tradition which is known as the perfect gateway to enjoy the life of the Arabs. On the Desert Safari tour it is essential to know about various things that helps you to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Desert Safari in Dubai is the perfect way to experience the life in the desert. Here is a list of top 10 things to know about Dubai Desert Safari.

Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Desert Safaris

1- Transportation facilities:

Transportation is the essential part for the Desert Safari which is arranged by the tour company. Comfortable and air conditioned transport facilities make your trip more convenient.  For the desert safari, the representatives of the company picks you up from your hotel accommodation or any location in Dubai and takes you to enjoy in the desert. After the drive in the golden sand, you are also dropped back with amazing memories in your camera.

2- Duration:

The safari ride begins around 6:00 AM, 4:00 PM or 10:00 PM when company’s representatives receives you from your hotel and after the drive drop you back to your hotel. A drive of around six hours where timing of the tour depends on your chosen safaris. For the Overnight safari, accommodation is provided to you in the camps in a convenient way. After having breakfast, you are dropped back to your accommodated hotel.

3- Popular Activities:

A place for the most popular activities which takes you to adventure and fun. The tour begins with a thrilling experience with the professional drivers and takes you to the desert camp to enjoy the amazing sunrise or sunset views that depends on your tour timing. The tour also gives you a chance to enjoy live dance performances, shisha piping, henna tattooing and also photography in the amazing scenery of the golden sand. You can also enjoy quad biking, camel riding, mountain safari and also dune bashing which makes your trip memorable.

4- Group Requirement:

The tour in Desert Safari is arranged in such a way that can be enjoyed in a group. There is no restriction on the number of travellers as the company provides you spacious vehicle that can accommodate 6 person. In some cases, the vehicles can also be provided for the group of more than 6 people.

5- Entertainment:

Many adventurous activities are arranged in the desert which can be done only in the day time. The activities in the desert of the Arab gives you a thrilling experience. Enjoy the falcons on your arms, sand boarding, paragliding under the guidance of the instructors which fills you with lots of fun and entertainment. Amazing sun rise and sunset view with the changing hues provides a never fading experience.

6- Food Arrangements:

Delicious BBQ meal is provided to you on your safari as after the safari to remove your restlessness and tiredness. Continental and Arabic dishes are provided to you. BBQ meal includes all types of varieties such as veg or non-veg that depends on your taste and preferences. Vegetarian dishes are packed separately for you that you can enjoy the savour of delicious cuisines. You can also enjoy flavoured shisha & Arabic coffee during desert safari.

7- Clothes and Accessories:

It is recommended to choose light and casual clothes and accessories because the desert is a hot and humid area during day time. The desert is colder at night than the day so light sweater or cardigan can be carried for that time. Carry sunglasses, hat, sun-protector or a scarf to protect yourself from the heat of the sun. For the desert safari, it is good to use sandals instead of covered shoes as it helps in avoiding sand to get inside your shoes. Regular summer attires & jeans-top must be preferred.

8- Precautions:

For desert Safari, avoid carrying expensive things or too much cash with you. Expensive items include laptop, gold jewellery and any other things that must not be kept with you all the time during safari ride. Light meal should be taken before going on safari ride as heavy meal can make you able to feel little stomach-ache after dune bashing.

9- Extra Facilities:

Many facilities are provided to you during desert safari that make your trip comfortable like water facility, separate washrooms for male and females. All your requirements are fulfilled from time to time to make your trip convenient. Purified fresh water is also available for you on this safari tour so you can avoid to carry water bottles with you.

10- Special Care:

If special care is needed by the person, it should be informed earlier and dune bashing must be avoided by the heart patients. Special arrangements takes you directly desert camp where you can enjoy a hassle-free drive. Before going on the desert safaris confirm all the things regarding the special care from the agents of the tour company so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience.

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